Statement of Damon Williams, Director of Sales & Marketing for Anheuser-Busch of Louisville, on Gov. Steve Beshear’s Signing of House Bill 168

“We are deeply disappointed in Gov. Beshear’s signing this bill, particularly when you consider his frequent talking points about Kentucky working to attract foreign investment. On one hand the Governor says he is working to lure outside companies to the state, and on the other he’s signing a bill that literally tries to throw one out. This will have a chilling impact on future attempts to lure companies to Kentucky, as it is now clear that this state government, if a political patron asks, feels empowered to attempt to shut down companies that have followed every law and paid every tax.

“We are focused on protecting our business and employees and continue to review our legal options.  We believe this legislation violates our rights under both the U.S. and Kentucky constitutions. We remain dumbfounded that this state would waste so much time and taxpayer money solving problems that don’t exist when there are so many other more important issues.”


Business Transaction

Kentucky’s beer distribution system works just fine.  No legislation is needed.

Legal Precedent

 Kentucky law and established legal precedent supports Anheuser-Busch owning distributors in Kentucky.

Consumer Impact

Anheuser-Busch owning distributors should not affect consumers in any way.


Anheuser-Busch has been a valuable corporate citizen in Kentucky for several decades. Allowing them to expand their operations in Owensboro will further strengthen their economic commitment to our region.

- Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce, September 4, 2014